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Our mission is to interrogate, reframe, and develop public policy through research, community engagement, and advocacy that improves the quality of life for African Americans and Africans in the American and Global South.


Our vision is to foster a world where African Americans and African people can be free from public policies that oppress, repress, and cause state-sanctioned violence and can live out their lives liberated and free.

Core Values

Conscientization: Learning to perceive social, political, and economic contradictions and to act against oppression through sustained critical consciousness. As a core value, we approach our work using a critical lens to understand public policy. 


Purposeful Scholarship: We use the social science method when conducting our work. Our work is laser-focused on understanding, studying, and providing public policy solutions for African American and African people. 


Collaboration: We are committed to listening, engaging, progressing together, serving, and sustaining with like-minded organizations that share our values for the purpose of improving the lives of Black people.


Liberation: We are committed to the liberation of all Black people. Liberation from all systematic and institutional oppression of Black people globally through the interrogation, dismantling, and eradication of policies that cause oppression.


Integrity: We are committed to the work we do, the values we portray, transparent resource allocation, and maintaining the legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois’s work.

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